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Welcome to my site! I've been tattooing since 2004 and specialize in pinups and comic book style art.

I've also been painting and sketching since I was big enough to hold the tools, so take a peek and enjoy! Feel free to follow me on instagram and facebook for peeks into my newest creations<3

If you're interested in a tattoo or a custom artistic creation, please come see me at Bushido Tattoo, 218 17 Ave. SE, Calgary Alberta!

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Posted by teikahudson on December 23, 2013 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

ohhhmaiiigersh it's almost christmas, and I loooove christmas. I hope everyone gets a happy holiday this year.

As for the new year? Do more art and get more prints up, I suppose. I'm slowly working on the print shop, where eventually i'm going to have original art, prints and hopefully tshirts soon as well. I finally got the link up to my site on big cartel, thanks to a buddy of mine with lots of (patience). You can access it through the 'store' link on the sidebar. It's pretty bare right now, but it'll all come together, I promise.

in the meantime, have an eyeball:

Merry christmas.


Posted by teikahudson on December 19, 2013 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

heyoooooo prints prints prints! i have 11x7 japanese washi and 13x19 cotton rag, feel free to come down to bushido and check them out! Alternatively, you can contact me through email/paypal, and i can ship them out to you. email me at, teikahudson@gmail.com. and we can paypal madness together. $20 for the washi and 30 for the 13x19.

aww yeaaa

Winter, printer and nutmeg.

Posted by teikahudson on November 29, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)
Yay ski season here and Christmas approaching. New prints will be available at bushido beginning next week, December 3rd. This year you'll be able to grab, 'Space Chase', 'Joan of Awesome' and the 'All Seeing Owl' in 13x19. I'll still have some older prints available too, in smaller sizes. I'll be posting the teaser images this weekend

back and happy <3 didn't get to walk with the dead though...

Posted by teikahudson on July 26, 2013 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow! Busy few months. now that things have settled a bit, i can finally pay more attention to other things. mainly, art and the telling of the San Diego aftermath! holy poop, i'd forgotten how crazy it gets down there. a convention of that size really makes me appreciate the organization and assembly of our own calgary con. not only are you sharing the load with only 60000 peeps instead of 130000, there seems to be enough time to actually chat with your favorite stars and artists. example? the lineup for the walking dead panel, to be held on the friday at 1:35 pm, began at six pm, the thursday evening before. Have fun sleeping on the concrete, diehards. lucky bastards got to see a season 4 preivew though. le sigh. i did however glimpse the full cast at the dead signing before the pandemonium blocked my view. I also got a distance shot of the wonderful Chris evens befor the mob closed in. hahahah people are psycho when it comes to stars.

All craziness aside, it was an amazing time as always. i love the chaos the art and the costumes. not to mention hooking up with the bestest of pals. San diego itself is an amazing little city. I highly reccomend the trip, with or without the comic convention, but i gotta say, i love getting the international comic-con googly-eyes on. Love the madness. Nerd power.

today i say...

Posted by teikahudson on May 30, 2013 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

howdy folks! 2 days until the big Underwear affair fundraiser run. had some crazy dreams about getting lost and losing my timing chip last night.... soooo now that those anxieties are out of my system, i can get on with the other anxieties. haha.

Thank you again to ALL of you who generously dontated. It's nice to feel the support. you are all the bestest. I can't say that i'll be a classy runner, orrr even a quick runner.. but i'll finish for sure, and hopefully not barf on my shoes :0.

In other news-like business, i've been working on a few new paintings. Granted, it's a slow going process....... but i'm usually somewhat happy-ish with the results! hahaha, here's the newest addition to the ever growing folder of art, stuffed in to my closet. who knows.... maybe i'll have an art show one day........<3

Loooooong week. Loonngggg weekend.

Posted by teikahudson on May 17, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)
.. Can't wait to relax. Instead of camping, (due to the fire ban and increasingly rainy prospects...) i believe a bike trip to banff is in order. Hopefully if my new battery comes in soon, next weekend it will be a motorbike trip to banff. Now that the Calgary con is over, I'm gearing up for the trek down to San Diego. This month's plan is to get my pages finished for the DC comics critique, and hopefully a few more paintings up and in order for the site. I've nearly completed the sketch for my voodoo lady paint idea, and finally got started on another tidbit I had in mind. Although, with the underwear affair fundraiser run, fast approaching, I should probably be running more than drawing. Thank you to everyone who donated to team bushido at uncoverthecure.org. You guys are effin amazing. Our team outfit is gonna blow you away. Gold shorts power!

day 1

Posted by teikahudson on April 28, 2013 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

ohmaiiigawddd! frakkin amazing! calgs-comiccon day one, and i am completely overwhelmed! got to meet a shit-ton of my fave stars, and see some great friends. Mega-mondo uber thanks to my buddy, and long time client, james for letting me in on his walking dead photo op. I couldn't of asked for a lovlier afternoon. I'll have more pics for the site, after sunday, but i think this one sums up the total feeling of radness for the day...sunshine, lemonade and bigsmiles.<3


Posted by teikahudson on April 25, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

comicoooooonnnnnnn!!!! yeaaaa punks! I picked up the badges today, and i am rippin to go. Bring on the costumes, art and nerdy goodness.

For those of you who have sat down for stabbins recently, I'm sure you're all sick of me ranting about my favorite time of year... Unless it's your favorite time as well, then i'm sure we geeked the fuk out together. The shop tv's have been on a constant superhero movie circulation and my carboard buddy (you know who i mean..) has been watching me count down the days. Best of all, tomorrow night is the Lannister dinner. I cannot wait to meet two of my favorite actors and hopefully get to know who they really are! (a little bit at least!.)

I'll be sure to upload some con pics into the otherstuff page as soon as i come down off of my geek-high. Calgary con is, as you know, my warm up for sandiego con, and this year i plan to make both of them an epic adventure.  For now, my carboard husband has a message for you..


Oh so much!

Posted by teikahudson on April 24, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

oh haiiiiii

Maddness lately!

Ryugen and the Tebori crew are once again visiting the shop. much love to the extended tattoo family. It's always so amazing to have the shop full and happy with our international crew. Horisuzu and Mihoko always bring a smile to my face!  Proof that tattooing really is one of the only things that crosses all cultures and borders. Take that, haters. tattoos rule.

Calgary comic con on the horizon, and the costume is all ready... watch for me and the family as Chun li, Cammy and Dudley! Gonna be rad! Don't forget to check out my longtime friend, The Juggernaut at his own booth this year. The wrestling destroyer will have prints and shirts and a plethra of good ol' pro wrestling tales for all. But in the mean time, enjoy some artsy fartsy business ive been fiddling with, as of late! bug love and a tidbit I submitted to SDCC for the 'souvenir book addition' contest. wish me luck!!


So long, Sam... Hellooooo superheros

Posted by teikahudson on February 21, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Shop seems empty without our SS. good luck sammers with your new adventure.

In other, not sad news: COMIC_CON!!! thank you James Wright (check out Geek Zodiac) for your wonderful self. thanks to this fabulous man i will indeed be able to get my nerd on., Totally excited to prance, once again, the halls of the San-diego convention centre.

...and, I had a chance to finish this archer painting,enjoy!